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Black and white striped bikini cut underpants, mocha colored bra, white hanes ankle socks (with pink heels and toes), Lucky brand jeans that didn't fit a year ago, but are now kind of loose-- they are too long, so the bottoms are pretty badly frayed. There's also a tear that's spreading along the inner thigh, but it's still small enough that it's not visible for the most part. The tear is also low enough that even if it get bigger, it still won't be indecent. The jeans are also dyed in that weird way where they are more faded on the thighs and darker on the bottom and in the rear. Not my most favorite, because I feel like it brings unwanted attention to my thighs. Still these are the most comfortable pair of jeans I own.
     my shirt is a tangerine long sleeved tee. I think I got it from Old Navy. It has a superfluous chest pocket that is maybe just big enough to fit a small tin of lip balm. I hate shirt pockets, but it's a nice shirt to wear when it's a bit cool out.
     shoes-- my fluevog soccer sneaks that I wear almost all the time. They kind of look like soccer shoes and are black with brown and turquoise stripes. The shoestrings are turquoise and brown. They are laced with two pairs of strings and threaded so that the colors alternate. 
oh, & lest I forget, my lip piercing, the vertical labret: 18 gauge stainless steel curved barbell with stainless steel beads on the end. & a few cowrie shells in my hair, a silver cuff and a few beads. But honestly, my hair is so thick I kind of lose track of what all is in there.



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